Ian Macfarlan, Honest Politician
Ian Macfarlan was a key figure in one of the most turbulent eras in politics in the Australian State of Victoria. He is probably most remembered for crossing the floor to vote his own government out of office.
In 1945 the Premier of Victoria was Albert Dunstan, leader of the parliamentary Country Party. The United Australia Party (the forerunner of the Liberal Party) was the junior partner in Dunstan's coalition Government. Tuke Hollway (Leader of the U. A. P.) and Ian Macfarlan (Deputy Leader) orchestrated Dunstan's downfall. However, Hollway let his deputy take the heat and the consequences of this action, by backing out when action was required.
Ian Macfarlan served for 51 days as Premier with Labor Party support after his own Country Party/Liberal Party coalition Government was defeated on the floor of the house (the U.A.P. had changed its name in March of that year). He initially voted with the Dunstan government, but was persuaded to break the resulting deadlock to form a caretaker administration. Not suprisingly, he failed to get party endorsement for the election that these actions precipitated. In 1945 he lost his seat of Brighton after 17 productive years as a Nationalist, U.A.P., Liberal, and Independent Liberal M.L.A. Tuke Hollway remained in Parliament until 1955, and served several years as Premier.
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